How to Hypnotize People Review

Posted on 19. Jan, 2016 by afanley in Reviews

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Product Name: How to Hypnotize People
Standard Price: GBP67
Author: Steven Hall
Reviewer: Aaron
Review Updated: 15th Oct 2010
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Publisher’s Description

Sit back and relax. Give me your undivided attention for the next 15 minutes and I’ll show you how to hypnotize people with ease…

  • How To Get Someone Back Into A Deep Trance Just By Clicking Your Fingers And Saying ‘SLEEP!’
  • How To Instantly Hypnotize People By Shaking Their Hand!
  • How To Perform Genuine Rapid Hypnosis… Drop Your Volunteers Into A Deep Hypnotic Trance In SECONDS!
  • Suggestibility Tests That Get You The Very Best (And Most Entertaining) Volunteers For Your Show.
  • Tried And Tested Complete Word For Word Scripts That Leave Absolutely Nothing To Chance.

User Reviews

How to Hypnotize People Review8.3103
  1. Matt Tufte January 2016 #
    Hi, I’m Matt. Let me tell you something, this stuff works! I hypnotized my mom within 30 minutes and it was easy. I relaxed her and went through the script, within minutes she had rapid eye movements. I told her to imagine walking through a calming forest and she now feels much better and much more confident. I’ve also successfully hypnotized my brother and next I plan to get him to quit smoking. This is awesome! Thanks Steve.
  2. Lee Davis January 2016 #
    As a fan of hypnosis, I’ve read many books, both introductory and advanced, and have found that they all lack the one thing that this e-book has: Simple, easy to understand instructions that really work! You can easily read this material and be hypnotizing people within the hour! Highly recommended!
  3. Wally Post January 2016 #
    Your book ‘How to Hypnotize’ is in my opinion the best book in the market about the basics of Hypnosis. You give the beginner all the tools to build their own scripts and many prewritten scripts to get going with. Within a week of reading your book I was able to Hypnotize a friend. I have since read other books on the subject and they just don’t measure up. There’s a lot of junk out there, but your book is the real deal. Thank You!

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